CMC helps you to conceive your project and to set it up, based on 5 expertise domains :

  • Project engineering : feasibility study, conception, realisation, evaluation et experience feedback
  • Project ownership assistance : project direction, expertise, management, budgetisation and contractualisation
  • Research and financing, partnership and sponsorship monitoring
  • Organisation, coordination, animation and team mobilisation
  • Set up of a strategy and of a communication plan : consulting, development and implementing

Les Agents Réunis

Théâtre de Drottningholm

AVS Road

Blandine Rannou

Catherine Gfeller

L’Éxécution du Juge Infernal

Festival Le Rendez-Vous

Je crée donc je joue

JF Duroure

Le Mystère Bizet

Projets organistes français

Rencontres Eclats

Sutra, de Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Temps Fort Tana en Région Nord


"The quality and variety of services and advice provided by Cross Media Culture are invaluable to us and the commitment and human qualities shown by each member of the team give strength and envy for all of projects."

Festival et Rencontres de Musique de Chambre du Larzac

"A long-term support of the structuring of our association and our activities, with our regional and international partners, public and private. A great human adventure !"

Quatuor Diotima

"A trustworthy collaboration and a partner of choice for the accompaniment of my tours and the construction of my artistic projects"

Célimène Daudet


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