CMC accompanies since several years numerous/many cultural structures, associations, companies or foundations, handling their administrative, budgetary and logistic management.

For your project, CMC takes care of :

  • The implementation and monitoring of projected budgets and accounts
  • The achievement of annual balance sheet (in cooperation with a public accountant)
  • The preparation and running of general assemblies
  • The follow up of life’ structure and required administrative files/folders establishment (head office change, licence renewal, tax ruling request…)
  • The establishment of artists copyright assignment agreement, contracts and pay stubs (in cooperation with a public accountant)
  • The declarations and payments to social security contribution and tax organisations
  • Set up and development of Region residences
  • Set up and follow up (especially communication obligations) of subvention conventions with public or private partners, and assessment to the partners

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"Commitment, curiosity and open-minded rhyme, at Cross-Media Culture, professionalism with pleasure"

Théâtre de l'Incrédule

"This collaboration gives us great satisfaction, both relational and professional. The Collectif Tana can rely on the expertise, as well as the expert advice of an entire team, within which the skills complement each other, and thus concentrate its energy on the artistic project, whose long-term sustainability and development is guaranteed"

Quatuor Tana

"The quality and variety of services and advice provided by Cross Media Culture are invaluable to us and the commitment and human qualities shown by each member of the team give strength and envy for all of projects."

Festival et Rencontres de Musique de Chambre du Larzac

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